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Webhooks allow systems integrated with Copper to receive near real-time notification of certain events so that data updates and workflows can be triggered.

Webhook concepts

Concept Description
Subscription Register a URL that notifications will be sent to when a specific event type occurs.
Event A specific action in Copper that triggers a notification.
Notification The object delivered by an https request (webhook) to the specified URL.

Event Types

The following events are available for subscription:

Type Description
Create A new record is created.
Update Any field in the existing entity record is changed. Excludes: new entity relationships, new Activity or any change in meta data.
Delete An existing record is removed.

Entity types

Events are available for the different entity types as follows.

Record Type Create Update Delete Type
Lead yes yes yes "lead"
Person yes yes yes "person"
Company yes yes yes "company"
Opportunity yes yes yes "opportunity"
Project yes yes yes "project"
Task yes yes yes "task"
Activity yes yes yes "activity_log"

Technical considerations

Subscription count

You may have up to 100 active subscriptions per account.

Rate limits

The number of notifications sent are bound by the following limits:

  • 600 notifications per minute per account
  • 1,800 notifications per account for every 10 minutes

Multi-event notifications

Our notifications always send an array with the IDs of the records involved. The array contains at least 1 ID and may contain up to 30 ID's in a single notification. If more than 30 records are affected then we send multiple notifications, each with up to 30 IDs. Each notification counts as a single request towards the rate limit, regardless of the number of IDs it contains.


Our notifications are fired at most once per event, and we do not retry them, regardless of the status returned by the notification endpoint.

HTTPS only

For security reasons only https:// endpoints are accepted for the notification URL.

Webhook properties

Field Type Details
id identifier The unique ID of the subscription
target string The URL where the notification will be sent
type string The entity type on which the event occurs
event string The type of event that triggers the notification new, update, delete
secret object (Optional) Arbitrary data (e.g. for authentication) to pass to the webhook event, in the form { "key1": "value1", "key2": "value2", ... }
headers object (Optional) HTTP headers to pass to the webhook, in the form { "key1": "value1", "key2": "value2", ... }
custom_field_computed_values boolean If set to true, dropdown custom fields (standard and multi-select) will have their option_ids converted to the option names.
created_at number The date when the subscription was created