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All requests must be sent using HTTPS with TLS 1.2 or higher. Please make sure your developer tools support this version of TLS as older versions or SSL are not supported for security reasons.


All Copper API calls must include the following headers to authenticate the request:

Key Value
X-PW-AccessToken API Key
X-PW-Application developer_api
X-PW-UserEmail Email address of token owner
Content-Type application/json


For PUT or POST requests (e.g. create, update, search), the request parameters must be provided as JSON in the request body.

Rate limits

All API calls are limited to 180 requests per minute. Once this limit has been reached, calls will return an error response with status code 429. This rate limit is evaluated on a rolling window basis.

Our bulk APIs have an additional rate limit of 3 requests per second. You may receive 429 error responses if you exceed this limit.