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Basic data types

We use the following data types when describing request and responses formats in this documentation. Our terminology here aligns with the JSON specification whenever we use the same name.

Data type Definition Example
boolean A boolean value, i.e either true or false. true
string A list of characters (letters, numbers, symbols, etc.) surrounded by quotes. "Copper is the best CRM"
number A list of digits, possibly including a decimal point. 42
object An unordered list of key-value pairs. { "id": 1, "name": "Copper" }
identifier A number that refers to the id field of an object in Copper. 12345
timestamp A number that contains a Unix timestamp (i.e, seconds since January 1, 1970) 1631114042
x[] An array of x, where x is another data type here. [1, 2, 3]
mixed A field that can contain multiple data type. See the description for more details.


When creating or updating entities such as leads or people, there are fields where value and category can be specified. These fields include email, phone, social, and website. Below are the valid categories for each of these fields.

Field Categories
Email work, personal, other
Phone mobile, work, home, other
Social linkedin, twitter, googleplus, facebook, youtube, quora, foursquare, klout, gravatar, other
Website work, personal, other