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Best practices

Date formats

Date formats are in Unix Timestamp format and values are set and returned as 10 digit long integers (For example {"date_created": 1483988828}). There are a few notable exceptions, however. The "close_date" on Opportunities, Task Due Dates and Reminder dates, and custom date fields use an ISO mm/dd/yyyy format for setting and returning date values.

The API respects Team Permissions

A user's access to records in Copper may be restricted by Team Permission settings. The Dev API respects team permissions. It is recommended to use the API credentials of an admin user when using the Dev API because Admins have unrestricted data access.

Create a Developer User

If you use the Dev API to create records in Copper, it is advisable to create a separate (non-personal) user just for integration purposes. Generate API credentials for this user and use those for integration. This way records created through the Dev API will be owned by this integration user and can be filtered accordingly.

Entity ID scopes

Unique identifiers are unique within the scope of a single resource type. For example, a given identifier for a Lead will never be assigned to a different Lead, but a different resource such as a Person could use the same identifier.

File Upload

Currently, the Developer API does not allow for file uploads. There is a workaround available.

  1. Create a custom URL field.
  2. Upload your file to Google Drive.
  3. Push the created file link into your Copper custom URL field.