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Copper keeps a record of activities for People, Leads, Opportunities, and Companies. The Activities API allows you to view, create, edit, and delete activities. Activities behave uniquely in that deleted activities can be accessed through the API. However, they will appear only as stubs, identical to the response returned by the delete method, and cannot be modified.

Only "User" type Activities can be created or modified using the developer API. "System" type Activities are read-only.

Activity Properties

Field Type Details
id identifier Unique identifier for the Activity.
type* activity_type The Activity Type of this Activity.
parent* identifier The Identifier of the resource to which this Activity belongs.
details* string When applicable, the text body of this Activity.
user_id identifier When applicable, the id of the User who performed this Activity.
activity_date timestamp A Unix timestamp representing the time at which this Activity took place.
old_value object When applicable, the value of a resource's property before this Activity took place.
new_value object When applicable, the value of a resource's property after this Activity took place.

* indicates a required field