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A Company is an organization with which you communicate. The Companies API allows you to create, view, delete and update your Companies. You can retrieve individual Companies, list all Companies, or use search filters to view subsets of your Companies.

Company Properties

Field Type Details
id identifier Unique identifier for the Company.
name* string The name of the Company.
address address An encapsulation of the Company's street, city, state, postal code, and country.
assignee_id identifier Unique identifier of the User that will be the owner of the Company.
contact_type_id identifier The unique identifier of the Contact Type of the Company.
details string Description of the Company.
email_domain string The domain to which email addresses for the Company belong.
phone_numbers[] object[] An array of phone numbers belonging to the Company.
phone_numbers[].number string A phone number.
phone_numbers[].category string The category of the phone number.
socials[] object[] An array of social profiles belonging to the Company.
socials[].url string The URL of a social profile.
socials[].category string The category of the social profile.
tags string[] An array of the tags associated with the Company, represented as strings.
websites[] object[] An array of websites belonging to the Company.
websites[].url string The URL of a website.
websites[].category string The category of the website.
date_created timestamp A Unix timestamp representing the time at which this Company was created.
date_modified timestamp A Unix timestamp representing the time at which this Company was last modified.
custom_fields[] object[] An array of custom field values belonging to the Company.
custom_fields[].custom_field_definition_id identifier The id of the Custom Field Definition for which this Custom Field stores a value.
custom_fields[].value mixed The value (number, string, option id, or timestamp) of this Custom Field.

* indicates a required field

Please note that email domain is a unique key for Companies and no two records can have the same domain name. If you try to create a new Company with an existing email domain, then your request will fail.