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A Lead is an individual or a company that's interested in your products or services. It's a "catch-all" object that contains information about the contact, the company and the project in one. When Leads are qualified, they are usually converted to a Person, Company and Opportunity.

Lead Properties

Field Type Details
id identifier Unique identifier for the Lead.
name* string The first and last name of the Lead.
address object An object containing the Lead's street, city, state, postal code, and country.
assignee_id number Unique identifier of the User that will be the owner of the Lead.
company_name string The name of the company to which the Lead belongs.
customer_source_id number Unique identifier of the Customer Source that generated this Lead.
details string Description of the Lead.
email object An object containing of the Lead's email address and category.
monetary_value number The expected monetary value of business with the Lead
phone_numbers[] object[] An array of phone numbers belonging to the Lead.
phone_numbers[].number string A phone number.
phone_numbers[].category string The category of the phone number.
socials[] object[] An array of social profiles belonging to the Lead.
socials[].url string The URL of a social profile.
socials[].category string The category of the social profile.
status string A string representing the status of the Lead. Valid values are: "New", "Unqualified", "Contacted", "Qualified".
tags string[] An array of the tags associated with the Lead, represented as strings.
title string The professional title of the Lead.
websites[] object[] An array of websites belonging to the Lead.
websites[].url string The URL of a website.
websites[].category string The category of the website.
custom_fields[] object[] An array of custom field values belonging to the Lead.
custom_fields[].custom_field_definition_id identifier The id of the Custom Field Definition for which this Custom Field stores a value.
custom_fields[].value mixed The value (number, string, option id, or timestamp) of this Custom Field.
date_created number A Unix timestamp representing the time at which this Lead was created.
date_modified number A Unix timestamp representing the time at which this Lead was last modified.

* indicates a required field