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Account and Users


An Account is created when you sign up with Copper. Users that you invite will all be members of this Account. In Copper, customer organizations are called "Companies."

Account Properties

Field Type Details
id identifier Unique integer identifier for the Account
name string Name of the Account
primary_timezone string The IANA name of the primary timezone for the company, for example: "America/New_York"
settings JSON JSON containing keys ("setting_team_permissions_enabled" and "setting_enable_leads") & boolean values

User Properties

Field Type Details
id identifier Unique* identifier for the User
name string The User's full name
email string The User's email address
groups object[] A list of teams (previously known as "Groups") that the User belongs to. Each one has the following fields:
  • id: A unique identifier for the Team.
  • name: The name of the Team.

A note on ids: Unique identifiers are unique within the scope of a single resource type. For example, a given identifier for a Lead will never be assigned to a different Lead, but a different resource such as a Person could use the same identifier.