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June 19, 2024

Added ability to fetch the current API user.

Added minor clarification to the OAuth2.0 flow.

April 24, 2024

Added support for primary contact management on company records.

November 1, 2023

Added corrections to the OAuth2.0 Quickstart Guide.

September 14, 2023

Added support for "Medium" and "Low" task priorities.

August 22, 2023

Bulk APIs Available (BETA ⚠️)

You can now bulk-create people, leads, organizations and activities and bulk-update people, leads and organizations using our new Bulk APIs. Note that these APIs are in beta and still undergoing final testing before their official release.

August 14, 2023

Headers Supported in Webhooks

You can now pass custom HTTP headers to your webhooks.

August 11, 2023

OAuth2.0 Support

We now support OAuth2.0 as the preferred authentication approach for partner integrations. Click here to get started.

July 20, 2023

Search by Ids

You can now pass an ids field (numeric array of entity ids) as search parameters to the POST search endpoints for People/ Leads/ Opportunities/ Companies/ Projects/ Tasks in order to retrieve a specific set of entities in bulk.

March 9 2023

New Field is_filterable for CustomFieldDefinitions

We now return the is_filterable field for all CustomFieldDefinition responses. Previously this field was only exposed via the webapp but now it can be set to true/false when creating or updating CustomFieldDefinitions via the Developer API. When creating CustomFieldDefinitions, this field defaults to false.

February 14, 2023

New Primary Timezone field for Account

We now return a primary_timezone name field for the GET account response.

December 5, 2022

Invalid Target Error For Webhook Subscription Create/Update

If you provide a target that is considered to be invalid when creating or updating a webhook subscription, a 422 error will be returned.

June 15, 2022

Custom Field Definition Canonical Name

You can specify a canonical_name on Custom Field Definition creation and it will be downcased automatically if provided.

June 15, 2022

Moved page_size to relevent area

We have moved some information about page_size from the list-companies-search to the pagination page.

January 12, 2022

Changelog Added

Added this public changelog page.

Search By Social Media Accounts

You can now search for Leads, People and Companies by social media account url! See linked search endpoint documentation for more information.

Computed Custom Field Values For Endpoints & Webhooks

You can now retreive entities from relevant endpoints and receive webhook requests with custom field values evaluated to their easy-to-read labels instead of their option ids, click here for more information.

December 13, 2021

New Webhook Request Timestamp Field

The payload of a webhook request now contains a ISO 8601 timestamp string field called "timestamp". Click here for more information.

October 29, 2021

Postman Environment

We've added a downloadable Postman Environment for use with the suite, see here

October 15, 2021

Get Tags Index

We added a new endpoint to get a list of all tags and how many entities they are associated to. Click here for more information.

September 17, 2021

Added Update Activity Endpoint

We've added documentation for the pre-existing Update Activity endpoint, see here

September 7, 2021

Change Policy

Please note that we have published a change policy, please click here.

This policy defines how we will continue to support and maintain this Developer API going forward.

August 18, 2021

Domain Update

Please note that we've recently updated our domain to reflect an earlier application rebranding.

Our developer api can be found at, previously it was at

We are currently supporting auto-redirects for requests being made to the old domain and will continue to do so until early 2022.

Please update your Dev API requests with the new domain as soon as possible.